Popular fitness trainer Jane Mukami has a body for days.

Jane Mukami

The sexy woman is always serving us body goals and ladies, who doesn’t envy her gorgeous body? Everyone wants to be like her.

Well, a few days ago, Jane Mukami revealed that while mourning her brother last year, she gained more than 7kgs in less than a month.

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She was so devastated, quit working out and turned to unhealthy eating.

“Remembering how ever changing our bodies are – March 2017 vs September 2017 – I gained 14 pounds/ 7.5 kilos in less than 4 weeks last year while mourning my brother. I quit working out and turned to my favorite carb heavy comfort foods and as you can see, weight gain was emminent,” she wrote in part accompanied by the pic below.

Jane Mukami
Jane Mukami before and after working out

The 39-year-old trainer, went ahead to reveal how she decided to hit the gym to lose the excessive weight and after a few weeks, she achieved her goal.

“March 13th 2017 I recommitted to taking care of myself by working out and clean eating but paced myself because I had a lot of internal reconciling +mental decluttering to do. With a body type that is quick to gain, yet very slow to lose weight, I had to find a goal, something that would motivate me to raise from my ashes. I boxed myself in by promising to be at my best by my next birthday. 6 months later [September] I turned 38, had met my goal and ditched 20 pounds/ 10 kilos. I was back to my old self.”

Mukami also encouraged those struggling with weight loss to eat clean and exercise regularly.

“Moral of the story:

Life sometimes happens; its okay to park and deal with the situation. We, however, cannot let ourselves stay in ‘the hole’. We have to find the courage, strength, and reason to keep moving on and climb out the hole.’

Know this…
– we are not our circumstances – we have the power to change anything in our lives as long as we are willing to commit to doing the work.

Working out, eating clean, taking care of myself grounds me. It gives me energy, clarity, boosted self-confidence, increased self-esteem, keeps me aligned and connected to who I truly am. It makes me feel empowered and love who I become. Every time I step away, the above diminishes…that’s why I show up every day and give me the best effort. Looking good is a secondary yet very welcome perk 🙂

If I can do it, so can you….Let’s Stay motivated.

Jane Mukami

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