Who said men of God cannot be rich, live a lavish lifestyle and even be handsome?

Well, apart from the usual popular stylish and wealthy city pastors, there seem to be a new king in town. His name is Bishop Godfery Migwi of House of Hope church in Kayole.

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Just like his counterparts, the man of God is living large.

Unlike the past, whereby male pastors rocked oversized suits with “funny” shoes that left them with an awkward walking style, like someone who had stepped on burning charcoal, that is not the case nowadays.

Things have changed totally. Pastors these days are living the urban lifestyle which can easily be told by their style of dressing, their fancy clothes, their cars and homes.

From cruising around town in a V8 to dressing in some of the most expensive suits, Bishop Migwi is indeed living like a king thanks to the booming church business.

Well, apart from his flashy lifestyle, the man of the cloth is known for his hunk looks which have of late attracted many.

Women have branded him the most handsome pastor but who knows? Maybe you should go through the photos below and be the judge.

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What do you think about his looks? Bishop Migwi is also a well-known vernacular singer.