It took Samuel Abisai just a few hours to become a celebrity with a lot of people trying to reach out to him.

After winning 221 million shillings in Sportspesa jackpot, Abisai has a couple of women trying to find ways of winning his heart including Huddah Monroe.

Mpaka Wamama Wa Soko Walikuwa Ndani! 221 Million Jackpot Winner Welcomed Like A Hero In Kakamega (PHOTOS)

Samuel Abisai_Sportpesa MegaJackpot Winner
Samuel Abisai_Sportpesa MegaJackpot Winner

And she is not the only one who would die to have his attention. Who can forget that grand welcome he got after going back to his home, where the MC kept on referring to him as kijana mtoto wa nyumbani?

Here is a list of the different types of people who have been trying to get Abisai’s attention;

  1. Socialites

Huddah Monroe is not new from the limelight. The celebrated socialite publicly declared that given a chance she would help him spend the money well, asking people to give the guy her number.

Wacha Kijana Apewe Nunu! Huddah Sets Her Eyes On 221Million Sportpesa Jackpot Winner

huddah eyes 2211m jackpot winner


2. Long time crushes

Way before Abisia became a millionaire, he was chasing after a given Carol Moraa. She is the gorgeous lady who ignored Abisia way back when he was broke. Six years later, she is now the one seeking his attention. Maybe if she didn’t ignore those messages they could be enjoying the money later.


3. Free apologies

Sometimes things go wrong and your friends become your enemies but wait until you win a lottery, they come crawling back to you. Ahmed Mohammed, a social influencer congratulated Abisai, telling him that he is ready to settle their differences. It was a joke, but he was trying to rep such kinda people!


4. Prayer partners 

With money, prayer partners coming knocking on your door. One social media user asked to be Abisai’s prayer partner and when she heard there was another woman in his life, she went ahead to claim she can be an independent candidate.

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5. Social media bonds tighten

You know you are rich and famous when people start confirming the number of years you have been friends on social media! They even go ahead and make a plea to you.