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The race for elective posts in the upcoming general election in 2017 is really taking shape. Politicians are jostling to find their space in the crowded political space, with hopes that when push comes to shove, the electorate will grant them a chance to hold the coveted positions come next year.

As the politics of 2017 heats up, all manner of people are throwing caution to the wind and swearing to the gods that their opportunity to thrive in public service is nigh.

Meet The 6 Most Beautiful Kenyan Women Vying In The 2017 General Election

Old guards, fresh blood, cute ones, not so cute ones, are all throwing themselves into running for the desired public seats.

Of interest is this one woman who is leaving tongues wagging in Isiolo. She is among the cutest aspirants who have already declared their interests for elective politics in the 2017 general elections.

The pretty lady is called Rehema Jaldesa. Come next year, Rehema will be vying for the Women Representative seat for Isiolo County on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee Party ticket.


That piece of information might look like news to some people, but there is a group of men in Isiolo that is really bothered by this woman’s looks. Team Mafisi just can’t resist ogling at her super amazing beauty!!!

WAZEE WAPUMZIKE! Here Are The Top 7 Most Handsome Aspirants Vying In Next Year’s General Election

These ‘hyenas’ seem like they would do anything to have a bite from this pie. They seem to not care about elections, but more concerned about their erections!!! Booom!!


Click through the gallery below to see the amazing beauty!

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