Kathy Kiuna

Kenyans on social media can be so mean.

Yesterday was Reverend Kathy Kiuna’s birthday and a section of Kenyans couldn’t just let her enjoy in peace.

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 Kathy who is popularly referred to as mum by her followers made her way to JCC church along Forest Road, quite a number of her ‘sons’ stood next to the church’s door to usher her in.

A red carpet was rolled out for Kathy Kiuna and her sons and daughters were carrying placards printed with sweet messages for her 50th birthday.

‘In another life, we would still choose you as our mum. Happy birthday,’ read a message on one of the placards.

Heaven sent us the very best. Happy birthday mum,’ read another message.

Below are photos of how Kathy Kiuna was welcomed like a queen at her church in Nairobi.

JCC church JCC church JCC church

Kathy Kiuna Kathy Kiuna JCC church JCC church


A section of social media users have lashed out at the decorated city pastor and her so-called sons and daughters. Reactions include;

Kinoti wa Mwirigi This is not the church of Christ. It’s occult of Kathy and Kiuna. This worship of a woman should only be directed to your wife not another man’s wife and no she is not your mum. She has her own children you over grown toddlers.

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Kutieto Difference between #RevKathyKiuna followers and Prophet Owuor followers is the dress.

Arnold Mutuma That is madness and stupidity.

Nash Nyash I wonder whether these men ever remember their wife’s birthdays! Lubbish!!!

Jenniffer Wanjiku Jesû idol worshipping to its fullest. Fools I call them!!

David Oriku When a pastor needs a car the church fundraises.. When a church member’s child wanna go to campus and has no school fees. prayers are done!!

Mr Diego Sometimes before you call your Pastor Dad and Mum ask yourselves when did you call your parents to know how they are fairing or help them in a struggling situation.

Christians have become sycophants even in churches… Yes none of my tithe or contribution has bought this gift for one Rev Kathy Kiuna. Absolutely none but my brother my sister you cannot tap blessings without first helping your real parents.

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Your parents are your second gods don’t be deceived…. One day you will be judged harshly. When did these men hold play cards to their biological mothers to tell them that they love them or with the same writings we are seeing?

You will agree with me that 90% of the following guys holding these playcards their mothers have never celebrated a birthday.

Rosy Nyasimi Just sad state of Christianity

Stop the nonsense and be real gentlemen stop being used.
Stephen Kamenchu Mailutha What the f****ng hell is wrong with some stupid flock who follow their mommy doomsayer blindly

Nyakwar Abade I thought Oscar Sudi Was The most stupid person until I met these daughters and sons of #RevKathyKiuna ………

The Raccoons These are someone’s husband or son. He has never surprised his mum or wife on her birthday and he is here carrying placards wishing their pastoress happy birthday. I don’t know the kind of injli ur being preached of #RevKathyKiuna

Maina Mugo I’ve repeated numerous times that religion will take more people to hell than all other sins combined

Beat Mbutei Those men with placards denouncing their mothers in the public are pathetic to say the least!what a shame to boychild movement….#RevKathyKiuna

Kimani Wanyawira If you are brainwashed like these fools .dont expect sympathy from me . I can only encourage this Cathy to look for more and continue to use them to fund her lavish lifestyle . #RevKathyKiuna

Cosmic Boom @RevKathyKiuna Any church, in which one member, a group of members, a family, the pastor or anyone else is more important than the GOD they “serve” and “worship” is a CULT! Stop misleading God’s people while gaining earthly Glory and riches! #RevKathyKiuna #BreakingDespair

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Wanjiru Wanjiru Wengine hata hawajui birthdays za their real mothers

Steve G Sometimes you can get so brainwashed that you find yourself worshipping the wrong god. #RevKathyKiuna