There’ve been rumors doing rounds suggesting that Tanzanian heartthrob Diamond Platnumz has apparently been using some lascivious ways to make it to the top in the highly competitive entertainment industry.

Is Diamond Platnumz “Using Witchcraft” To Succeed In His Music Career? Find Out The Truth

The 26-year-old Bongo Flava singer has actually been in the industry for a while. Remember when he was still looking broke and ashy a few years ago? Well, now that he’s becoming more successful in his career, they are people who think he didn’t actually work for it.

For the past one week, these kinds of stories have been doing rounds on social media and his manager has finally decided to address it.  It’s alleged that the skeleton head which he has in his office, is a sign of witchcraft. Diamond_Platnumz

His manager has however made it clear that the skull isn’t real, and that Diamond bought it while in Sweden because he liked it.

“Kwanza kabisa ukweli ni kuwa lile sio FUVU halisi la mtu kama wengi walivyosikia ila ni kito tu kilichotengenezwa mfano wa FUVU na Diamond aliliona nchini Sweden akalipenda na kuamua kuliweka kama pambo ofisini kwake” – Babu Tela 

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