A church service was on Sunday disrupted when a snake came to the compound at Kongoni in Likuyani subcounty, Kakamega county.

The seven-foot serpent appeared at Hasanga PAG Church as Pastor Ben Shamalla was preaching.

“Pastor [Wycliffe] Kakai had preached against idol worship and said snakes kept by witches will come out after the service and moments later the snake appeared,” he said.

Shamalla and his co-preacher Kakai had hosted a week-long crusade.

Shamalla told the Star the snake went into the home of one of the worshippers a few metres away.

“When we attempted to kill it, it entered a borehole in the compound, forcing us to drain it to remove the animal,” he said.

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Shamalla said the church was divided over what to do with the killed snake.

“There emerged two groups, one which wanted to be given the killed serpent and the other was happy it had been killed and wanted it burnt,” he said.

He said two elderly worshippers claimed the serpent and demanded its remains.

Eventually, it was burnt and its ashes thrown in the toilet.

Elsewhere, worship leader Esther Abung’ana collapsed and died during a service at Itenyi Pefa Church in Shinyalu.

Abung’ana was Kakamega East women’s leader.

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