It’s often considered a taboo topic in today’s society, but a group of men are sounding off about what it’s like to be a sugar daddy, revealing both the pros and cons of dating younger partners and showering them with gifts in return for sex.

The anonymous men shared their personal stories on the confessions app, Whisper, and their experiences range from positive and happy to regretful and bitter.

‘Being a sugar daddy is lonely when you realize the attention is fake,’ wrote one man on the app, which allows users to anonymously share secrets and connect with other unidentified users.

Coming clean: Men admitted to being sugar daddies and revealed secrets of their controversial lifestyles on the confessions app Whisper

Pros and cons: Some men said they enjoyed dating young partners and showering them with gifts in return for sex, while others said they felt used

One guy similarly revealed that trading money for the company of a younger, attractive partner was unsatisfying, writing: ‘I’m sick of being a sugar daddy. Time for me to find a lady who will take care of me for a change.’

Still, not all men were disillusioned with their role as a provider to younger women or men.

One guy offered: ‘I enjoy being a sugar daddy. I have been blessed with more than enough to make a different in someone else’s life.’

Echoing this sentiment, that being a sugar daddy is somehow virtuous, one man posted on the app: ‘I actually enjoy being a sugar daddy. I get what I want and I get to help them out… everyone wins.’

It's complicated: A number of men admitted they were unclear on the rules of being a sugar daddy. The man seen commenting above revealed he wanted a no-strings-attached relationship with his sugar baby

Win-win? The man seen commenting above said being a sugar daddy is great because everyone gets what they want

Another man wrote: ‘Being a sugar daddy was the best decision I’ve ever made.’

While none of the users mentioned themselves by name, there are a number of dating apps that exclusively match sugar daddies with sugar babies.

Other men on Whisper expressed concern about their relationships with their sugar babies, with one user revealing: ‘I found out my sugar baby cheated on me with another sugar daddy.’

On to the next one: The man seen commenting above revealed he has grown tired of his arm candy

Secrets and lies: One Whisper user divulged he had two sugar daddies - as well as a girlfriend, who knew nothing of his secret lifestyle

‘I think I should be upset?’ wondered the man, who like other users, seemed to be unclear about the so-called rules of such liaisons.

On the other side of the spectrum, one guy worried that his sugar baby was in love with him while he most definitely was not in love with her.

Another man revealed his younger girlfriend had left him because ‘$3,800 a month wasn’t enough for her.’

‘WTF?’ he asked the online community, adding: ‘I let her borrow my cars, too.’

No regrets: This man said he liked being able to 'make a difference' in his sugar baby's life

It's all about the money: One guy said he was hesitant to break up with his sugar baby because he had already booked two upcoming trips for them

Lonely life: This man pictured commenting above revealed his sugar baby left him for someone her own age


Some men discussed their non-monogamous lifestyles on the app, with one user divulging: ‘I’ve been a sugar daddy for the last two years for three different people.

‘And I have a girlfriend,’ he revealed, adding proudly: ‘How do I get away with it? I tell her I’m paying off loans.’

Meanwhile, one man said he couldn’t keep up with the situation he had put himself in, resolving to ‘retire’ from being a sugar daddy because he has ‘too many boys’ and not enough time for all of them.

Source: Daily Mail