Kanze Dena story

She brightens our living rooms with her cute smile and always leaves us glued to the TV whenever she graces the screen. She has gone through a lot of ups and downs but that has never deterred her from working hard to achieve her dreams. She is a great example of grass to grace. She is none other than Kanze Dena.

Kanze Dena

The veteran journalist, who started her career at KBC and now works at Citizen, is one of the most respected media personalities in Kenya. Known for her mastery of the Swahili language, Kanze Dena is giving her counterparts a run for their money.

Well, speaking to Maisha Magic’s Story Yangu segment recently, the sexy presenter talked about her tribulations.

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Kanze disclosed that she got pregnant when she was working as a waitress back in 2015.

“Nilikuwa nachonga viazi vya chips, halafu sasa nikavuka counter kufanya kazi ya waiter,” said Dena.

However, her relationship with the man who got her pregnant started deteriorating.

“My relationship with the baby’s father also started deteriorating. We were constantly fighting and disagreeing about almost everything. It was a very turbulent period for me.”

She then gave birth to a baby girl named Natasha, who she wanted to give out for adoption but her late mother convinced her not to. The ambitious woman she was, she left the child with her mother to continue with her studies in Nairobi.

“I was allowed to go back to college and sit for my final exams. After the exams, I went to stay with my aunt, while doing some hustle here and there.”

Three months later, she got a message that she was needed home urgently. Little did she know that her daughter had passed away. When she got home, she was welcomed by a large crowd outside her parent’s house, leaving her with more questions than answers.

“Nikashangaa ni nini. Hisia zangu zikaniambia nikimbie ndani ya nyumba nione kunaendelea nini.”

Upon entering the house, Dena found her baby lying on the bed with a smile on her face “Nilidhani amelala, said the teary Dena.

Kanze Dena

According to Kanze, her daughter, who had passed away, was not sick.

“I began questioning God why had He taken her away just when we had a perfect relationship? My salvation also got very shaky and things got really bad for me,” narrated the emotional Kanze Dena as tears rolled down her cheeks.

This left Kanze heartbroken and she plunged into depression.

“It made me feel like God was punishing me.”

Kanze Dena

In 2007, shortly after joining Citizen TV, her mother succumbed to colon cancer.

“I hit depression for like a year and something. Thoughts of committing suicide returned to my mind as had been the case when I lost my daughter,” said Kanze Dena amid sobs.

Kanze Dena


“At work, everyone was celebrating me without knowing that deep down in my heart I was hurting badly. My self-esteem was very low and I hated myself.”

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