Madam boss a.k.a the president of single mothers has given her two cents on what to do once your sponser screens your calls.

Akothee advised slay queens to wake up and remember that sponsors are now on lockdown with their family, leaving them out in the cold.

Akothee advised,

“So if I were you, if this idiot is not picking up calls, Madam, start parking.”

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AkotheeThis means, their source of income will be limited as the sponsor will spend all he has on his family now.

“Those who cannot go back home are stupid, because they are thinking of procrastinating and rent is accumulating,” Akothee said.

She continued,

“Madam, if you knew you don’t have a job and you are depending on someone to pay your rent that money is not coming between now and June.”


“I don’t know what you will do with the house because this person has a family and every little money everybody has now they are keeping it for themselves.”

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