Kenya needs fathers to raise their boys up; the absence of fathers has a huge effect on society. Why would  a fully grown man harass or abuse a woman for apparently dressing to her taste? You never know, it might be your mum, sister, daughter, future wife or any close relative.

This is where the difference between real and fake men comes in. Real men don’t abuse women neither do they harass them.

Back to my story; It really hurts me when I see a man abuse helpless women on the streets. I have been observing this for quite a long time and decided to share it out. Many touts tend to fight over passengers at bus stops persuading them to board their vehicle but trouble starts when one refuses to board any of the vehicles and decide to wait for another one.

At Nyayo National Stadium stage, you will always find a bunch of touts(dirty, drunk) fighting for passengers especially the West-Madaraka Sacco matatus. They will be all over you and if you refuse to board their vehicle, you will surely face it rough. They abuse ladies in broad daylight with unprintable words and though men are also not spared ladies feel the full brunt of their wrath since they are the weaker sex.

This morning as I waited for a mat at the same stage, I was shocked! 2 touts hurled abuses at a lady and couldn’t believe my eyes her only crim was opting to board a different bus from the one she was being persuaded to board. . But why? Everyone has freedom of movement to wherever they want, and  whatever they want provided they don’t interfere with the peace of others. What happened to the rule of law? What happened to the gentlemen who treat women with care.

Most of the West-Mada matatus are very old, uncomfortable so some people including me prefer using the alternative means from different routes plying the same route, because they are abit comfy and the touts are so friendly unlike the west-mada sacco.

This is the norm almost countrywide, from Kisumu, Mombasa, to Nakuru touts seem to have gone to the same school or had the same training. Pushing and shoving women is the norm some even creed ladies in broad daylight not bothering whether the mum, dad, husband or brother is watching. The recent harassment have gone a notch higher. Why strip a woman in public just because her dressing does not please you? The videos making rounds on social media are painful to watch and just defines a society gone to the dogs. How do you explain a police officer who is supposed to protect the public on the front line tearing a lady’s dress apart. It pains alot, We need real men and fathers around to protect women from the negative energy around. Respect is a two way traffic please let us respect women.