A woman in Maseno, Kisumu walked down the aisle to marry The Pentecostal Assemblies of God church.

People came in numbers to witness this rare occasion of Irene Matete saying ‘I DO’ to the church. What is even more shocking is the custom that is undertaken for the woman to have ‘For better or For worse vows with the church.”

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In this case Irene was the bride but had been married to her deceased husband for 39 years, and after his death, Matete made this decision. You must be thinking that she is the new bishop or pastor of their church now that she is a ‘wife’ aye? No, according to The Stanadard, Matete settled for marrying the church after a hurtful relationship with her late husband.

“He used to beat his wife whenever he returned home drunk. There were occasions when he threw her out of the house with the children and even uprooted vegetables she had planted,” said Mr Samuel Olukune narrated as quoted by the Standard.

What even shocked many was the fact that during the wedding that was attended by 200 people and 20 flower girls, Matete decided to choose a groom who turns out to be her fellow woman, one that had undergone such a marriage in the past.

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and on a lighter note…

It turns out that she would have died if she married the church when her husband was alive

“If she had a man in her life and still went ahead to marry the Church, she would have died as it is forbidden for a widow who is still having sexual intercourse to be married to the Church. This ceremony is only acceptable if one decides to forget about ever marrying and stay faithful to the Church,” narrated a reverend