Vera Sidika is not new when it comes to being in the limelight. The self-made socialite has created a name for her self in the ‘Socialite’ category.

Although she is always in public little is known about her family as she rarely posts about them but photos of her brother have emerged. According to Ghafla Vera Sidika has a brother by the name David Mungasia.


The young fellow has taken the monkey-see-monkey-do advice literally by bleaching his skin like his sister. Photos of him before don’t do him any justice and maybe the pressure to look good for the ladies may have pushed him towards bleaching.

Photos of him after bleaching actually have him looking like a million bucks. He is not shy to flaunt his ‘Nmetoa Tint’ evidence and we must agree whoever did the job did a good one .

Going by the photos it might be true he has actually ‘toad tint’. Check him out