Rabbit AKA Kaka Sungura

Ahead of his mother’s birthday tomorrow, April 26, musician King Kaka decided to let some little-known family secrets out of the bag.

He took to social media to reminisce an incident that saw his mother, whom he says is now in her 50s, get arrested by city council askaris popularly known as kanjo.

The ‘Leta’ hitmaker said his mother used to sell fruits when he was still young and he would  occasionally go to the stall to help her after completing high school.

One day after King Kaka joined college, he went to open the fruit stand but minutes before his mother arrived, kanjo officials arrested him.

When she finally arrived, his mother pleaded with the kanjos to apprehend her instead arguing that her son had an exams in the afternoon.

Although Rabbit says he was willing to miss the exam, his mother insisted that she wanted to take his place. However, after being released he told the kanjo that he is not leaving her behind.

He went on to reveal how his mother is a strong believer in education, adding that the love he has for her is out of this world.

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