In our society, cases of people surfacing and claiming to be the kin of a prominent person after their passing away are quite common.

As such, I had braced myself for the same following the demise of William ole Ntimama on September 2nd, 2016.

Barely a week after his death, a man claiming to be his son moved to court to stop his burial.

George Njoroge Kariuki told the court that he was afraid of losing his inheritance should the former minister be buried without a DNA test.

He says Ntimama sired him in 1969 but later abandoned him and his mother, forcing her to raise him alone

The 46-year-old said that his mother told him that he was Ntimama’s son in 1998 before she passed away. He also says people kept on telling him that he resembled Ntimama.

Kariuki says he would have come out earlier but he was afraid of the hostile reception that he would receive from Ntimama’s immediate family.

Check out his photos below.

However, Justice Joseph Onguto declined to grant Mr Kariuki his wish, saying that he could have raised the issue earlier.

He also declined to issue any temporary order, saying the matter can still be heard even after the burial of William Ole Ntimama takes place.

The late William ole Ntimama will be laid to rest at his home in Narok on Wednesday, September 14th.

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