Paul Biya president cameroon
Longest serving President of Cameroon Paul Biya has a new strategy of getting people to vote for him. The 85-year-old distributed condoms that were printed his face on both sides of the condom and written
I Vote Paul Biya.
The politician who has served for 35 years got mixed reactions from from voters.
Paul Biya president cameroon
Adeola Fayehun

Wait, is this condom?  After 36 years in power? Paul Biya go kill person ooo


We’ve seen it all. But the way, it’s Prophet Biya… That’s the new one I saw on billboards in Cameroon 😅😅😅

The story of Gozie Mbah

It’s expired oo.
Look 👀 well please

Smart advert. Rather than birth another #PaulBiya, waste the sperm!
This is quite thoughtful.

‏Just imagine, this man is shameless!! You see he believes his people cannot afford condom, after 36 years of misrule. Rubbish

Maurine Kiven
‏ By their fruits u will know them. Who knows what he has put in that condom and some other things he gives out. Enslaving them the more, no doubt, Cameroonians have become drunkards.