Unlike many people who take matters into their own hands or let tempers get the very best of them after busting their partners cheating, a businessman from Meru decided to handle his wife’s infidelity in a very unique way.

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The man who has now become the talk of the town chose to go down a road that has not been used by many, earning praise and criticism in equal measure.

He decided that the best way to handle the issue was to write a letter to the company that employs his wife’s ‘mpango wa kando’ and inform them of his plans to kill the latter.

In the letter, the heartbroken man recounted how he tracked down his unfaithful wife with the help of two boda boda operators.

After a relentless search, the man found his wife naked in bed with another man. However, the philanderer was very lucky as he sped off in his car moments after getting caught.

And now, the man is seeking help from the man’s employer so that the ‘mpango wa kando’ can pay for his ‘sins’ although he didn’t specify the kind of action that should be taken.

He went on to say that he doesn’t know what to tell his children when they come back home for their mid-term break.

Here’s the letter:


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