Rapper Kantai
The departed rapper

Legendary Kenyan rapper Chris Kantai is dead.

Wanjiku Thuku, his manager and family representative, exclusively told Mpasho.co.ke:

Kantai had been sick for a while. Three days ago, he took medicine that was contaminated, which he bought over the counter.

After taking the medicine (which had a certain chemical in it), he had a burning sensation in his body. He was shaking and sweating. Basically, he was very weak.

Eating, talking and even drinking water was a problem. He was just laying in bed

Two days ago the rapper was admitted at St Francis hospital in Kasarani, Mwiki Road, and he died on Wednesday morning. Wanjiku said:

Last night, his health had improved and he had started talking. But he developed breathing complications and he died this morning while receiving treatment.

According to the family source, before his death, “he was having problems walking long distances and standing for long. He also complained about his stomach lining really hurting. He also complained of diziness.

His mother, who lives in the US, will arrive in the country on Thursday to plan for the burial. Wanjiku revealed that:

Kantai was the only surviving child. They were two but his brother passed away two years ago.

She says the death has affected the family so much and describes Kantai as:

A jovial man and lovable person (mtu wa watu).

She says for people who crossed his path and dissed him, and tried to spoil his name, he didn’t care. He  would simply tell them

I’m Kantai. Am a G, people should respect me. He was a good family man. He really loved his family.

She added that Kantai was trying to get back to music after a stint in rehab.

he was working on an album and had produced 10 songs but only released 3.

Kenyans mourned the talented rapper and below are their messages of condolences.

MC Sharon: The sun sets yet again on another Kenyan superstar and trailblazer Chris Kantai and gutted is an understatement given the deep history we had in this rap game and also as very close friends.

From HDz, To EWD, to KFAM to tearing Westlands apart and getting into just about every VIP spot in slippers and flipflops your energy was amazing, your attitude fiesty, your ego justifiably huge and your love for Hip Hop uncompromising.

‘It was a blessing to know you from the onset and I thank you for the contribution you made to the journey we continue to chart today; my personal one included.

My biggest regret is not reaching out sooner like we had planned and being there for you when you must have needed it because life took us to different places and spaces. You were proud just like myself and was never one to cower in the face of adversary or ask for help randomly but that is that Maasai spirit and I am saddened no less at your timely demise.

Now, like many others all I got is memories and a posthumous celebration of a life lived to its best. I know you did your best and on behalf of the music industry, I apologize that you ended up forgotten at the end.

Rest in power my G and say hi to 2pac and Biggie for me. That heavenly hip hop symphony just got more litty.

Sam Ken: Saaad So Saaad!!!! What happened? Chris Kantai!!! Was a big fan.

Alvan Daniel: 😢😢😢😢😢😢 too soon!!! Kantai.

Fender: Yani Kantai has passed on? What a rapper he was, a pity he didn’t reach his full potential.

Jackie Kary What has happened….too sad Rest In Peace and God’s comfort to the family

Ammateri: Lad gave us one of the best anthems ever 😭😭😭😭😭 #KANTAI

Aisha Wanjiku: “Huyu ni nani G, Huyu ni Kantai hajali G, Huyu ni mtu mkali G….” 😭😭😭💔💔💔 He gave us gems, for that we shall celebrate him.

David Mwabe: Saaad So Saaad!!!! What happened? Chris Kantai!!! Was a big fan.

Mephis Ngatia: In that Stl happy jam Kantai really came through

Kenwama: RIP Chris Kantai. So sad

Stephen Muturi: Kantai was a real G. It’s a shame he never attained his full musical potential.

Wambale Alex So sad that drugs can bring down a talent

Sarah Kaz Waaaat..shine on your way Chris