Diamond Platnumz vs Zahara Totto

Just recently, the whole of Africa was shocked after Uganda was named as the best English speaking nation on the continent.

But it seems, the research wasn’t well conducted.

Live Wire TV’s presenter Zahara Totto has proven the whole premise wrong. The controversial media personality was recently trolled online because of her poor interviewing skills and grammar. She had a golden chance to interview top East African musician Diamond Platnumz who had attended Zari’s mother’s burial but she left many disappointed.

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Zahara who presents mostly in the native Ugandan language decided to use the Queen’s language knowing well that she was not that conversant and also, Diamond comes from a Swahili speaking country. It seems she wanted to embarrass the richest singer but KARMA served her better.


The presenter asked the same question three times but and kept on scrolling her phone which many termed as ‘cheap’. The video has gone viral and social media users are not happy.

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Check out the reactions;

Ibrahim: Where did you learn journalism from?? I mean the ethical part of it???? They didn’t teach you that when conducting an interview of such high profile personnel you have to pay attention to your work not your cheap smartphone?

Baker: The questions that the babe kept asking are some sort of fuckery that I just don’t understand. Were you trying to use the chance to pull off the “Biggest Interview” of yo life or something? Clear indication you outta content for the show.

Rugemalila: Diamond speaks well English than that girl…this dude is absolutely brilliant, let’s crap for his trial coz he has been magnificent.

Edwin: This is the babe abusing people, wat a shame, worst interview ever, on behalf of my Ugandan fellow people, most people didn’t expect u to turn up for such an event (mother in law’s funeral!!), how these events affecting your kids, your marriage your, its happening all at once. This ain’t a journalist, talking abt marriage at a vigil!!! I learn to be humble
Geraldine:  Zahara Toto,I see u struggling with English, I wish anatalia had taken the interview, everything was so wrong,mbu event aate asking the same question in different angles.

Ochieng: He did so well considering he is from TZ, can’t say the same for the presenter

Razaq: This Zahara chick should never conduct another interview in a foreign language. She asked the same question 3 times in different versions ????, I’m sure she scored 2 A’s in Luganda n Islamic to be admitted at university to peruse journalism

Brenda: Seriously bitch is this interview necessary ! !!

Phauzia: Zahara onzisa enseko ??? y arent u yapping like u always do in luganda oluzungu luzibu banange.
Rosette: Thats what happens when you refuse to give jobs to educated people and give it to lovers or Relatives.

Cynthia: All along been praising Ntv for thr great journalists but yo disappointing us…
oba ono mwamulodawa banea ..interview nfu nyooo

Katumwa: Meanwhile Diamond Platinumz was calm and collected while answering the questions and Zahara was sweating plasma,silently praying that the interview ends. She must have peed her panties. She had all the time to prepare for the interview before meeting the interviewee…. I wonder why she didn’t use it.

Irene: I am so green about journalism but the questions Zahara Toto was asking, they were so irrelevant oba she was not even stable kwegamba she was so excited about meeting Diamond??

Peace: Very fake interview …this was an opportunity!!! When will u interview him again ohhh God I wish wen he comes for the festival Douglas brings him on e Beat coz I trust Douglas at interviews gwe wakoze majani

Martgomary: Finally u have showed The world your level..
I wonder how u grabbed that job..poor conduct.. Zero experience… Fake everything..

Moses: But this woman!! She lacks experience in interviewing. She only wanted to show off

Fiona: Oh hell to the know, are these the people media is employing now adays?? If you can’t conduct an interview please don’t at all. This is shame shame shame on us.
Daku: Well done Diamond Platnumz and may Allah reward You more. But I see the bitch is shaking, She couldnt even behieve professionally . She’s used to make stupid noises In Luganda????????

Watch the video below