Almasi vs Junior


Wearing skirts by male celebrities has become more common these days. Kanye West, Fast and Furious main man Vin Diesel and Puff Daddy have been spotted rocking the dresses.

In Kenya, our very own former Machachari actor Almasi has been seen wearing dresses and skirts. While there are those who believe in a live and let live ethos, others are scandalized that a red-blooded male would ever wear a dress.


And guess who is at the cross-hairs of the haters and non-haters alike, Lupita Ny’ongos brother Junior. The young man captured many people’s attention during the weekend at Blankets and Wines festival.

Junior Ny'ongo

The reason was his dress sense. He then wore a huge dangling earring matching his red and white sleeveless dress that was accentuated by his white shoes. He wrote:

@blanketsandwineyesterday was a whole entire wave of badassery. @muthonidrummerqueen it’s utterly phenomenal what you have achieved in the past 10 Years. Thank you Sensei for your leadership in taking this music thing to otherworldly levels! In the words of another Sensei @heyheyblinkybill”MUNGU HALALI!”



The support and the non-support came in equal measure after posting the image. Some of the comments are below:

waceramacharia Because normal is boring! 😏 I LOVE it!!!! 😊😍

herine_ombija In the beginning men wore dresses then decided to split it into trousers. The future lies in history back to basics

macymweluh @omwonokillion so now men are wearing dresses 🙄🤡👀 okay

njerimuhia Issa whole lewk!!

rainbowmines yessssssssssssssssssssssss

The Nyong'o's together
The Nyong’o’s together

francis_kangere #fuckgendernorms

juniornyongo @francis_kangere big facts

thegr8_kelvo @ferdie_theguy this is amazing


eliudstephen This is a nice one ❤️❤️❤️

jonathanlewisdirector A whole MOOD🌷✊🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

thehottestpan damn I wish I looked this good in a sundress.

The chap is also not afraid to show some skin when he feels like it. V-shaped tops, tiny shorts and vests are his go-to garments. I have observed that Junior and Ian Nene or as many know him, Almasi have nearly identical fashion senses.

Almasi vs Junior

That raises the question, who rocks the gender-bending style they promote better? Check out photos of the two below:
Almasi actor


Junior AlmasiJuniorAlmasi

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