American actress Lupita Nyongo and her co-star Winston Duke have spent over $ 3,000 (Ksh 300,000) on five pairs of sneakers.

Speaking with Jo-La Puma, the owner of Stadium Goods, a sneaker shop based in New York City, the two stars touched on how their styles are highly influenced by their Kenyan and Caribbean heritage.

Lupita posing

The 36-year-old beauty said:

I have a very stylish mother. Growing up, I was always so impressed by how she always put herself together.

She maintained saying that:

one of my aunts was a cloth designer, so I would draw up the same way.I remember designing my own prom’s the African influence because we love, love color that’s why my clothes were always out there.

Winston posing

However, the 32-year-old actor said:

for me, fashion is very expressive because in the Caribbean color is in our blood. Growing up, expensive shoes and fashion was kinda out of reach, I would draw sneakers and dream that I would touch it some day. 

The two co-stars as husband and wife Gabe and Adelaide Wilson in Jordan Peele’s new psychological horror “Us” and the pair have previously worked together on 2018 Marvel movie “Black Panther”.

In an interview with Den of Geek, he said:

That shared acting lexicon was really helpful when we were doing this movie. We could just rely on each other to catch each other if we were doing something that felt risky. We were both creating spaces where we felt super comfortable. 

He added:

Working with Lupita, I always felt like I could be my best and my boldest self – and also help her to be her boldest self.

Check out the latest episode of sneaker shopping below.