A file photo of politician Anyang' Nyong'o (right) with his wife Dorothy (left) and daughter Lupita
the proud father

In a few month’s time, Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o will be the daughter of a pastor.

Her dad, Kisumu Governor Prof Peter Anyang Nyong’o told the public during the burial of his late mother Mama Dorothy Nyong’o that he will soon be enrolling in a theology institution to fulfil his mum’s last dying wish.

Prof Nyong’o’s mum was the deaconess at Anglican Church of Kenya.

He regaled the crowd with stories about how his late mum pushed him to be a pastor, back when he was young.

”My mother always tried to prevail upon me and asked me whether I would be ready to step in the footsteps of my father. But I have rejected her idea. I always told her…Not me,” he said.

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“So I told mum. You mean you want to me ride a bicycle all over the village with a Bible while spreading the gospel of God. Ah ah ah I think it’s a tough calling Mum.”

But now, he seems to have changed his mind and is thinking of honouring his late mum by granting her this last wish.

“Allow me ladies and gentlemen for God sake and in honour of my late mother to declare before you that as from next month I will enrol for pastor hood,” he revealed

Prof Nyong’o said he will enrol at St Paul’s University to Theology and once he graduates, he will continue the good work of his late father who was a Canon.

“There is no Greater love I can show to my deceased parents than this…. that a time can come for someone to lay down his life for his family and friends,” he announced.

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