Huddah Monroe

Controversial Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has left her followers mesmerized after she talked about God.

Huddah Monroe

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The socialite became popular for sharing semi-nude photos, confessed that she believes in God, and He is the one who opened all the doors in her life.

‘It’s Only on social media when you praise God people think you are doing it coz your life isn’t good or you are not doing so well financially!’ she wrote in part.

Huddah confessed that she prays every time even before she gets laid:

Even before having sex I pray!
GOD is the KEY! 🔑
GOD IS REAL! GOD is my Protector! God has brought me this far! GOD is my PROMOTER! GOD has OPENED all the doors for me!
WHAT a MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE! 🙏🏾 . My God You are Great, only you can do what no man can do, you do marvelous things! Glory be to God, PRAISE be to God🙏🏾🙏🏾

Many were surprised that she indeed knew God exists and some of the reactions include:

jackie_moh_official: Kumbe umeanza kutumia akili

tabbykaraba: AMEN Huddah, God above everything!

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jiru_saks: You pray before having sex😏

sa_wesh:@huddahthebosschick I’m glad that you do appreciate the fact that it’s not out of your might. God bless the work of your hands and expand your boundaries that you may thrive far and beyond your imagination.
comphatz: Spread it, baby… Some people think if u post abt GOD yo badly off💯… There is someone on my WhatsApp who asked eeeh you also know GOD??.. I was like how can I not know the one who created me, only coz I normally post GODLY quotes every morning .. And they forget that GOD is everything u will ever need…. .. That’s why u will always inspire me, u talk reality, I have learnt so many things from u here on IG.

georgendigirigi: Atii ukihave sex unadu nini?

Huddah Monroe has been keeping a low profile of late and she recently revealed that she is busy handling her businesses in Kenya.