Radio Jambo’s popular host, Massawe Jappani prank called both Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla on her midmorning show.

Massawe called Citizen TV’s Rashid and asked him a few questions. She then asked the news anchor to choose one person he would like to be talk to live on her show.

Rashid said he wanted to talk to President Uhuru on matters COVID-19.

“I would like to talk to the president of the Republic of Kenya.”

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Rashid Abdalla and Lulu HassanAdding,

“Because I’m also a journalist and If I got the chance to talk to him, I would tell him what I feel they are doing right and what is wrong.”

Massawe surprised the news anchor by calling his wife, Lulu Hassan, instead of Uhuru.

At first Lulu was all business-like until she heard her hubby’s voice.

That is when she giggled and told Massawe,

“Uko na ujinga!”

After Rashid was queued into the phone conversation, he changed tune and said, he wanted to talk to the sole president of his home. His wife.

Later, Masawe asked Lulu what is that one thing she would like to change about herself.

Lulu shot the question at Rashid  asking him what he doesn’t like.

The couple together

Rashid advised that answering the question would be criticising God’s decisions in creating Lulu.

Lulu chimed in saying,

“You are the people who go on bleaching, changing your shape. Please love yourself the way you are.”

Listen to the entire prank call below.

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