There is nothing funny about domestic violence. But there is something refreshing about seeing a woman take a stand and give as good as she gets.

And what I have in my possession is a video of exactly that. In a video that I just came across, a man can be seen beating a woman senseless and the hapless woman, trapped beneath him. And when I say that the man was beating her, I mean he was thumping her like an angry Legio Maria drummer on a hot Sunday afternoon after trekking from Kawangware to Kibera only to find his church grounds locked.

He fed her some rather healthy portions of headbutts and I dare say a person of weaker constitution wouldn’t have been able to handle themselves afterwards.

The interesting thing is that the by-standers stood by taking videos and doing nothing else. The guy can be heard expresses distaste at the violence but did nothing to stop the violence. The woman eventually just grabbed on to the man’s junk and refused to let go. The man eventually just had to negotiate his way out of her grasp.