Stephanie Kiuna

Recently, celebrated pastors Allan and Kathy Kiuna were in the US to spread the gospel and came back a few days ago. But it seems their visit was not only about church assignment but also matters pertaining family.

Well, Dad, as he is commonly referred to by his over zealous followers, posted a photo of Mum; his wife Kathy, his second daughter Stephanie and an unidentified white man and captioned it;

“Just grateful to God for a wonderful family! i’m so blessed. Words fail me just say how grateful I am to God for this gifts in my life. Love you.” 

Anakula Mbolea? Kathy Kiuna’s Youngest Daughter Is All Grown

Bishop Allan accompanied the above post with the pic below that has left Kenyans with many questions than answers.

Stephanie Kiuna

‘Madam Kiuna ..could that guy be your son in law to be? You all look dope,’ one of his followers posed a question.

Could he be the man who is set to marry Stephanie Kiuna?