Akothee with her daughters
With her daughters

Singer Akothee has the best relationship with her daughters.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers hangs out with her daughters most of the time and even attends interviews together.

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Akothee has revealed that although they go clubbing together, her children never drink alcohol.

Akothee with her daughters

The Sweet Love singer also revealed that her children are the most loyal and can’t betray her. She wrote’

I personally introduce my children on these streets , they have refused to drink alcohol though they are 18 and above 😂😂😂, the only crew that can’t release my nudes on social media.

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In another post, Akothee revealed that she and her family are not living a fake life like many do out here and that they’re all about positive vibes. She wrote;

“We are in our own world, we live the realest life, we don’t take pressure from the public or social media, the only thing controlling us is we make sure we go to the toilet without offending anyone, we are always chasing the next meal, not the next designer clothes, shoes or class , we avoid fake social media friends. We respect fans they are the only real ones, they don’t know us in person, but they support and share our work, they vote and post our work, they share and introduce us to their friends positively or negatively all is hype, their friends come on board  choose what is to keep from us and to drop.”

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