Muthoni Njoba has a message for you young mother struggling in motherhood.

Muthoni at 33 has achieved quite a lot in her life thus far and she is nothing but grateful. From her bio, ever since she left university, all she has been doing is building her brand and becoming the best mother she could be.

We have never seen her baby daddy but she has established an amazing relationship with her baby boy, Lemayan. They have mother-son goals as we can tell from her social media pages.

Well, with all the smiles and laughter it has not been an easy journey for her as a young single mother. Through her experience, she can proudly give advice to her young mothers who ask her how she has managed to raise such an amazing baby boy.

This is a little message of encouragement to all the young mothers that write to me asking me how I got through the challenges of being a young mother. Honestly there were some very VERY low days that got me feeling so discouraged, drained, afraid and insecure but I knew that my son came into my life as a Blessing. His presence in my life has taught me a lot about myself, I have learned that I have to be vulnerable when I don’t want to and strong when I have to. The only way I can be a good mother to him is if I embrace my truth by living the life I want to live without wondering what other people think. Learning to love myself so I can love him with a whole heart and learning to forgive myself when I make mistakes which is always so hard to do.

Muthoni continued saying the best way to raise a child is giving them the best by surrounding yourselves with nothing but people who want the best for the both of you:

As a mother, you have to continuously keep working on keeping that inner voice positive and uplifting because if you don’t then any challenge that comes your way will break you. Our children deserve our best effort so commit yourself to working on being the best version of yourself. Surround yourself and your children with people who want the best for you all and never give up on your dreams because children learn from what they see, if they get to enjoy being around a happy parent who is living their dreams and setting a good example for them then they will learn to do the same in their lives. Much love to each of you and your little angels 💕

Just when Muthoni posted that Wahu also had her two cents on raising her daughter who she now refers to as a lady.

Wahu: It’s crazy how time flies….look at my child turning into a beautiful young lady. I’ve been loving this journey from day 1, and no matter how confusing it gets, I know that God’s got us. 
To all young moms: You’ve got this on lockdown, in spite or despite your circumstances. That child didn’t come as a surprise to God. And from the minute God placed that baby in your womb, He gave you all you need to make sure that he/she succeeds in life. So trust your journey. And trust the Father. He’s got you!

Many Kenyan women celebrities have put it out there it is not easy raising children but the best part is, they have managed to and its been nothing but the best days of their lives despite the struggles.

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