Pendo’s mzungu ex-lover Joseph Kner is madly in love with a Kenyan woman, who is Bridget Achieng’s best friend.

Kner and his new love are living in Norway and in a past interview with, he revealed that they would tie the knot soon.

Joseph Kner

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The Kenyan woman is head over heels in love with Joseph and recently, she tattooed his name on her leg.  He shared a photo of his partner’s fresh tattoo and captioned it;

My woman shows the world that I belong to her.

The controversial mzungu man has been showering the Kenyan woman with love, and he recently wrote a romantic poem to her.

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It reads;

She is my light in the dark days, the bright star in the night which I always thought its the polar star is actually YOU who shines down to me in the dark to show me the way in life now.
She grows like a flower in the desert cause I am her water she needs to survive.
She is like my harbor I finally arrived and feel safe from the storms of life.
To make it short, @_love_glow YOU are all I need in my life to feel a fulfilled life.
And me I will always be there to hold my protection hand over you and carry you on hands thru the stony ways of life.
There is no other woman for me like YOU😍
The beautiful present I got is your love and your endless support which make me so strong. I love you @_love_glow and that nobody can take away from me.


@ love_glow, I can’t say thanks enough for all you do for me. You are the flower in my universe. Let me be always your water.

Kner proposed to Pendo late last year and left her heartbroken. This was after he left the country only to emerge on social media, showing off another woman.

He told the proposal was staged though Pendo insisted it was real.

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Well, the question many are asking is will the woman rub off the tattoo in case they part ways or she’ll keep it forever?
Joseph Kner's girlfriend

Not so long ago, Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura left Kenyans shocked after she tattooed his name on her chest yet they are not an item.

They’re co-parenting. Yvette defended the tattoo saying she did so because it exemplifies what she loves.


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