Sean Andrew

Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrews and his ex-lover and Youtuber, Elodie Zone were once the envy of the town. The two lovebirds who were compared to Kylie and Tyga, America’s youngest couple who always fight, break up but in the end make up have been grabbing headlines of late after they confirmed that they had parted ways. Sean and Elodie who were so much in love with each other are no longer an item.

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It all started with Sean Kibaki who took to social media to announce that he was officially single claiming that Elodie was a drug user and they had decided to separate

”Yesterday My greatest fear was to lose you, today I face this fear and I say I’ll be just fine without your hurt and toxicity. Go enjoy all your drugs and friends. I’ll be just fine.” 

 He wrote accompanied by this photo


On the other hand, Elodie who was then trending for all the negative reasons also took to social media to break the silence and here is what she had to say about her relationship with the rich kid from the royal family.

”I have officially decided to walk away from my relationship with Sean. Posting this is extremely hard for me and so I pray that you guys continue to support me regardless.
I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to build my own empire and grow as an individual. Though Sean played a very big role in my life, people don’t stay the same forever and the relationship became unhealthy. I simply want to go in a very different direction in life than he does.

I want you all to learn to accept change in your life as I am and to still reach for your dreams no matter what. Avoid anything and anyone that is toxic and do you no matter what rumors are spread, and what hate comes your way. I personally am not ready for another relationship so I’ll be doing my school and social media things.

A lot of stories are being made up about the breakup by random people and worst, by trusted media houses and newspapers. I ask that you don’t believe any of them!
From here on, I won’t be responding to any questions or statements about my past relationship.
This is a very hard thing to write but as an entertainer, my followers are my family and I promised to be honest and open with you all,” Read the petite figured lady’s post.


The once upon a time rich kids of Kenya power couple have now become the laughing stock as many still can’t believe that they have called it quits. Well, if you haven’t been following Sean Kibaki and Elodie Zone’s social media accounts,