Amani g

Gracious Amani is the girl that got Kenyans talking after she did the rendition to Alicia Key’s Girl On Fire. Gracious, whose stage name is Amani G has been signed under Peter Nduati’s Creek Pine records.

She has expressed her love for the Muraya’s, Size 8 and her celebrity husband DJ Mo.

“I love Size 8. She inspires me so much. I also love DJ Mo and their child Ladasha. I like everything about them.

amani g

The 13-year-old is set to release her first collaboration with singer Vivian and gospel singer Pitson.

“I’m so excited to be signed. My music is mostly inspirational and is directed to everyone, especially young kids like me to tell them that there is hope for their dreams’ she told Word Is

“I was do happy when Alicia Keys posted me on her Instagram. I was overwhelmed with joy.I never knew a video on social media can be this life changing. I promise to work hard in school and on my career as well.”

She is a second born in a family of four children, her education is to be catered for till university level by the record label. Her family has also been moved from Githurai following death threats.

“There is this day that we heard the door being knocked, my brother answered and was punched by unknown people. They were demanding for money after seeing me on TV.Thank God, he didn’t die.”

amani g

Hollywood fame! Alicia keys finally recognizes Gracious Amani, Githurai girl of โ€˜Girl on fireโ€™ rendition

Here is the exclusive interview: