Buying a car for wives or husbands on their birthdays and anniversaries seems to be the new norm in Kenya. The question is it real or is it just a PR stunt?

Last week Kabi wa Jesus allegedly returned a car his wife Milly had bought him as a birthday present.

Milly went to extra lengths to make her husband’s birthday extra special by putting up a bill board accompanied by a birthday message.

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Well now that seems to be the norm after Kenyan artiste Bahati gifted his wife Diana Marua a brand new car on their 5th wedding anniversary.

Bahati gifted his wife a Mercedes Benz ML 350 AMG to celebrate their anniversary.

Taking to his social media Bahati penned,

‘ Hi Babe; Just to Let You Know that the New Mercedes Benz is Fully Registered Under Your Name 😍 NUMBER IS KDA 171_ * I will hide the Last Digit for Security Purposes 🤩

I Made Sure before I Drove the Grand Gift out of @MotorHubkiamburoad it was Fully Paid!!! Drive Home with Pride Baibyyy… Glory to God🙏


For his birthday Kabi wa Jesus was gifted an AudiA5.

Giving a reason as to why he wanted to return the car Kabi explained that the car was too low for Kenyan roads thus wanted a higher car.

“First of all I want to say a big thank you for the overwhelming support you guys showed us when my love surprised me with this German machine over here.

You know I’m super grateful but aki please guys don’t come for me, I’m just saying but this is not to refuse the gift.

This is it, I wanted this car because it is low, classy-looking and clean and that’s why my love got it.

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However, my love wanted a Q5 which is like a million bob more. It’s a bigger car, still an Audi but it’s a million bob more and it’s higher.

So she went ahead and got it for me but after driving it for like four days I felt it’s low to be honest. It doesn’t feel as easy to drive especially on our road.

Where we stay is very interior. Now this is what I’m thinking, I’m thinking we add that million bob and upgrade to a bigger car, the Audi Q5,” he said.

According to Milly Wa Jesus, since her husband wanted a low car she sacrificed her preference and got him what he wanted.

“So my problem has been this for a long time, Kabi wanted a Mercedes-Benz E-Class then we settled on an Audi, but he wanted a car that was low.’

So serious was she that she was ready to move houses just to find a place where her husband can comfortably enjoy his car.

‘I kept telling him it’s not about where we live because we can always move if we wanted to but it’s about the roads we have in our country and It is unfortunate that you can’t peacefully have the car you want to have especially if you move a lot,” said Milly.

Kabi wa Jesus gifted an AudiA5


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In 2017 Bonfire boss Simon Kabu left tongues wagging after he bought his wife a brand new Range rover.

The car which was a birthday gift had an inscribed special message “HBD Sarah”.

Fast forward in 2020 Sarah reciprocated by buying her husband a home at Ol Pejeta

The mother of two surprised her hubby with a 5 bedroom house worth Sh37 million. Houses at this particular place cost nothing less than Ksh25 million.

Semi-furnished with carport goes for Ksh45 million, furnished, without garage goes for Ksh37M and unfurnished without garage goes for Ksh29M.

In July 2020 Uthiru MCA Eric Warungu proved that after gifting his wife, Njeri Warungu, a brand new Mercedes Benz on her birthday.

The car had her name branded on the number plates.

Uthiru MCA

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