Bebe Cool and Zuena
Bebe Cool and Zuena in a past event

It is not every day you see a man profess his love, publicly. Ugandan star Bebe Cool has opened up about his cute-meet with Zuena Kirema, 16 years ago.

Their private conversation has been posted online. The intimate conversations reveal the relationship Bebe Cool had back when he was starting to date Zuena.

Bebe Cool posted the conversation to celebrate 16 years of being married to Zuena.

Here is the post, read and be mesmerized by the love these two have for each other.

“When I met this special person, I never thought at any one time my life could change for good.

16 years years back today I was a totally different individual with a small dream, unclear mind, bad looks, broke, irresponsible, call it any bad situation of a youth but met this little beautiful, amazing, always smiling young lady.
As any young man my mind told me i had no chance with her but being who i am that the person reading this post knows, I said I have to try talk to this lady who totally looked way high class apart from who I was.
I walked to her and said,

Moses: Hi
Zuena : Fine,hi.
Moses: You look beautiful.
Zuena : Thanks
Moses: Can I have your number?
Zuena : NO

There she walked away.
I felt so small and my friends laughed at me but I said it’s ok even getting the confidence to walk say a single word to her was good enough.
I met her again that same night in club silk and again i approached her and asked for her number but again she said NO.
Went to the bathroom to gather more confidence and came back

Moses: Excuse me
Zuena: Yes
Moses: Can i pliz have your number, can i be
your friend?
Zuena: NO, Ok give me yours I will call you.

With no hope I have my number to her and walked off knowing i tried but hard luck.

A few days later, it was the 25th of Jan 16 years back, in the morning at around 10 pm I was with Natty Dred in Mbale, had gone for a small gig, was having a shower then my fon rung, my Natty received it and said hold on let me call him.
He knocked on the bathroom door and said gwe there is a lady called Zuena on the phone, I froze, nearly got a heart attack.

Moses: Hello
Zuena: Hi
Moses: Who is this?
Zuena: Zuena, we met over the weekend.
Moses: Ohhh yes. How are you?
Zuena: Am Ok.
Moses: Where are you? Can I pliz meet you we talk coz you look so amazing and I want
to be your friend.
We agreed to meet that evening at Nile Hotel today’s Serena.
I swallowed a small generator of words and drove back my old golf 2.
We met and from that day I never never gave space to any man or friend to convince her otherwise.
Today I can confidently say I met a person who changed my life to the best, my best friend, my lawyer, my defender, my life commander in chief, mother of my babies, sukali gulu, but most of all my love.
I want to thank you, my wife, for loving, respecting, caring and making me a better person than I was.
You are a special gift to me and my family and I pray Allah rewards you to your dream.
I will always love you unconditionally because I enjoy loving you.
I love you.”

Check out the comments from fans.

Nusurah Nagginda: Ehhheeee I should stop ignoring this pipo who ask my number maybe good luck knocks once hehehe

Owen Oyeny Joseph: What I love about the story is where u found her (club silk) so guys meeting a woman or gal in a night club doesn’t mean she can’t be a good wife or she’s not a marriage material learn from this couple #Happyanniversay the Ssali’s

Marya Kay: Hahaha “I swallowed a small generator of words is my favourite part 😂 😂 😂 anyway happy 16versary can’t wait to see you celebrate more yrs together.

Bigwayz Yvonnie: I remember when we were growing up we used to admire three names for ur brown u say I am Zuena, Zari or Beyonce of movies my God….hahaha a a wowww wow she z btful she z still the girls we admired to be like…tnx 4 ur career guys and Bebe you are one of the handsome dudes we know n Uganda the height, the voice, the body, the background yaaaaa the music….Team Mata#

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