Burna Boy
Burna Boy

Burna Boy was that one guy Kenyans were mad at on Friday.

Do you remember he called us peasants on social media and KOT went ham on this guy? Burna Boy was to have an interview on 10 over 10 and according to the hosts, Joey and Willis Raburu, he said he will not address the issue from his last visit in Kenya.

So he made a U-turn and never apologized in that interview. Once Kenyans heard that, it was another troll moment on social media. I don’t know if you thought the same thing but I was almost sure his event will be a flop especially considering he was performing the same day as Reggae star, Tarrus Riley.

Shock on myself, Nonini and Big Ted. On Saturday (the day Burna Boy was to perform) Nonini asked Kenyans to boycott the event and Big Ted just wanted an apology.


To teach hawa promoters a lesson and him as well should people boycott this concert

Big Ted:

we demand an APOLOGY from you yes you @burnaboygram before you take to any stage in this peasant country

The Thrift Social event was packed! So clearly we do love some Burna Boy music even if we are peasants.

After the event, he woke up and twitted:

Burna Boy has been referred to as an arrogant guy so maybe this just how they say sorry.

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In an interview, he also said,

people who don’t know you will always judge you. i love kenya and nothing about that will change

Okay, I am pretty sure this is an apology. Burna has a lot of love for his Kenyan fans. But who does not? Tarrus Riley also confessed that we hold a special place in his heart.

He clearly holds one too because did you see those women cry at his concert? Nobody can stop reggae.

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