Betty Kyalo is our TV beau when it’s news time. We all did not like her when we thought she cheated on the sweet Dennis with The Sultan himself.


Then she took it to True Love and opened up about her whole journey and struggle and now we sympathize with her.

Larry Madowo Reveals The True Situation Between Betty Kyalo And Dennis Okari

Hurt breaks are so hard to deal with for sure, I mean we don’t expect her to just move on straight away, there was love involved and to make it worse, a baby was also in it!

Betty Kyalo

So, she went on to make a funny video talking about Dennis Okari, I mean he is the last guy we knew was her man right?

She said:

so i was at the salon getting porshed up and a girl walks up and says, ‘Girl i saw your man with another woman’ i turned and looked at her like girl i saw your man with another woman too! fist bump


Well, we do know the inner meaning of this comment now don’t we? It hurt her to hear that and so she looked for the easiest way possible to just get out of that struggle!

Here is a video of what she said: