Vanessa Mdee has proved to be one of the most beautiful East African artistes. She has carried the African name far and beyond. Despite the many controversial rumours, we have to agree she really does stand out with her amazing fashion sense.

Her hair is always on fleek we should all just want to rock the same.

Here are images of how she rocks different shapes, sizes and colours of weaves and looks extremely gorgeous!

1.Pink is not everyone’s colour but as an artiste its for you to take risks and create a brand and be bold.


Black weaves are common but how you rock it is what matters. She has rocked it very well and the length is just perfect for the shape of her head.

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Every girl needs a short weave. Short weaves expose the face beneath all the accessories. Vanessa looks innocent and very beautiful right?


The red hair makes her look fierce and daring especially with the beauty spot which just compliments the whole look.


Now orange being a very rare colour would be a colour to run away from especially when it comes to hair. Vanessa Mdee took that challenge and she killed it! Simply stunning.

Other than the weave, she wears the most beautiful accessory a woman can carry and that’s her smile. She makes you just love her with the smile on her face.