H_art the Band is one of the few successful bands we have in Kenya.

The three men came with a different style of music and won a lot of fans. When you see H_art the band on a poster advertising a performance, best believe they are coming to bring the house down.

They have been termed to have amazing fan interaction and stage presence and from the concerts I have attended, I can attest to that.

H_art gave us a hit song Nikikutazama, just after Uliza Kiatu that even got children singing to it. The end product we loved but we did not know what it took to come up with such an amazing song that does not miss at weddings.

They took to social media with a long post of the struggles behind the making of the video. From the post, these guys are clearly creatives and hard workers.

Read their confession below:

The Year is 2013. Exactly Two Months after Uliza Kiatu, we are torn between two songs . Which one to release first: ‘NIKIKUTAZAMA’ or ‘BLACK SHEEP’.Most of You know ‘NIKIKUTAZAMA’ and are wondering what the @$#* is ‘BLACK SHEEP’ 🤔 Worry not #teamH_art, in a few days we will all be in the know how 😎 Anyhow, the decision is made _& ‘NIKIKUTAZAMA’ is recorded .it sounds really nice. We are really excited about this particular release since it was the first song we ever Composed together.

Rangi ya thao! Could this be Mordecai of H_art The Band’s bae?

They continued:

Unlike ‘Uliza Kiatu’ haphazard release, We have everything planned out for this one even before the video has been shot – Radio, Tv _& Print interviews. We felt like Superstars – we had every angle covered.
Video Shoot day even before 5 am we are at KENCOM excited about the journey ahead. Three Hours Later, we have solely one member of the Cast of 15, NJERi ( the Main Character in the video).Devasted, we start off the trip to CrayFish Camp Naivasha. We have to quickly think of a script since what’s done is done. Luckily, @kevinboscojnr is a great on-the-go Video Director.


We may not have been aware as fans that it took a while before the song hit the waves.

And that’s not the Best Part of this story Yet. After releasing the song in November, it never played on TV or RadiO up till February when it Picked up. We almost Lost hope in a song that is to-date our ‘MOST VIEWED SONG’ on YouTube.

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