Dan Sonko

Dan Kinyanjui popularly referred to as Dan Sonko has been taking care of her two sons single-handedly after losing his wife last year.

Sonko’s wife, Drusicillah delivered their second child safely but later slipped into a coma.

Her body was unable to create any platelets following weak brain signals to the rest of her organs. She was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), where she passed on while receiving treatment.

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Dan Sonko, who always documents his life with his sons on social media, has shared his experience 16 months after losing his wife.

He wrote:

“‘Never judge a book by its cover’
You need to flip the pages and get to really understand.
Social media profiles are awash with smiles, wins, success stories, pomp, glamour and all that jazz….
…but every mountain conquered has a backstory – the story of the trek from the base,” he wrote in part.

Dan Sonko

He added;

The past has everything – good and bad, awesome and painful…..but so does the future…..it’s how we choose to deal that determines “what next”
Loss is devastating….Be it a job, a spouse, a prized posession, a pet….Loss is painful! But – “what next”?
I don’t have an answer to that Q. We are all constantly trying to figure it out.

Loss can cause you to stagnate, God knows!
It can change you from the inside – out…..before you know it, your hurt has developed tentacles that have in turn affected and changed the “self” in a devastating way. BUT that should not be the case.
It is very easy to become a prisoner of your own mind…..and unfortunately, the only person who can break you from that prison -for the most part- is yourself. I am seeking to break out, I know I will.

In the quest for “what next”, it is important to remember to live! Cherish the past and embrace the future…. #LoveConquersAll

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In a previous post, Dan Sonko reminisced good times he spent with his late wife and his message read;

You have been on my mind quite a bit this week….
The Highs and Lows
The Adventures
The Fights and Make-Ups
The Smiles and Tears
The Wins and Losses

We are 10 Days away from what would have been our 6th Anniversary.
Our journey was short but it was full.
I miss and celebrate you.

Even as we journey on through life, you forever dwell in our hearts. Your memories live on.
Keep soaring!”

Dan Sonko

Recently, the father of two revealed that he was dating and hopes all goes well.
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