Betty Opondo

Former Radio Jambo presenter Betty Opondo is planning to start a foundation in memory of her son so as to create awareness about heart-related diseases. Her son passed away on Tuesday, 19 last week while watching cartoon on Nickelodeon. He was on mid-term.

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In an interview with, Betty said:

When he was born, he had a heart problem and he was in and out of hospital for two years. After that, doctors assured me that he was okay and true he has been okay. After I bury him, I’m going to start Kevin foundation to help mothers with kids suffering from heart-related complications. But nobody is coming out strongly to talk about it. 

The radio presenter says since then her child never fell sick again until December 2018. She is yet to come to terms with her son’s death. She said:

Losing a child is painful and it’s something I would never wish any parent to go through. I lost my mother in 2014 and I thought it was the most painful thing but this time round, it’s painful I can’t describe. I’m confused, I’m down and crashed.


I don’t know how it is going to be. I’m trying to cope. I’m taking things one day at a time lakini ni ngumu sana (it’s very hard).

When her son died, Betty was in Kisumu where works at a local radio station. She said she received a call on that fateful day at around 8:33am leaving her heartbroken.

I received a call from a strange number that my son had fallen down. When I inquired more, the person who was on call told me ‘Mum, Kevin ameanguka akiwatch cartoon on Nickelodeon’ before hanging up. I tried to call but no one answered. I also called my neighbors but none picked.

Betty  Opondo narrated how she received a call a few minutes later, only to be informed that her son had died.

That statement broke my heart. The doctors said he died at home but those who took him to hospital didn’t know.

Her son was with the househelp when he died. The multi-talented presenter told Mpasho that her son was slightly ill in early December and was treated at the Matter hospital and went back to school.

On 22nd December, I received a call that he wasn’t feeling well. He was domplaining about stomachache and he was taken to a clinic where he was treated but he kept complaining that he still had stomach pains.

Betty explained:

When I came back to Nairobi, he was still complaining about the severe stomach pains, I took him to  Matter and Kenyatta hospitals respectively, where he was admitted and later discharged and came back home. Since then, he has been okay.

The young mother has received massive support online after she shared the sad news and she told Mpasho:

My post touched many people. I’ve received calls and messages from mothers who’ve lost their babies, encouraging me. Maybe what I can is Kenyans are mourning with me.

The funeral arrangments for are underway and she said

We are meeting daily at my house in Saika Estate along Kangundo road. The burial will take place in Simero, Siaya county on the 9th of March. Funeral contributions can be channeled directly to these numbers 0720592750/0729449143.