Kenyan female rapper Nazizi is among the respected a few female personalities around. The mother of one has managed to stay relevant in the Kenyan music industry, thanks to her clean image. Unlike her counterparts who thrive on controversy, Nazizi is different, she has managed to keep her life under the wraps.

Wait Until You See Nazizi In A Dress!

Nazizi has been making headlines of late ever since she embarked on the journey to loose weight and so far, all has been well. She has managed to loose 30 kgs in 5 months which is a great achievement. After shedding off the 30kgs, Nazizi has joined boxing classes where he is trained by Tanzanian Rapper Zola. The sexy lass has been posting photos during on and off session and a closer look at them, shows that indeed Nazizi is determined to loose more weight and ready to try new things. Could she be the next Conjestina?

Well, here are some photos of Nazizi at the boxing “classes”, go through