Diamond Platnumz elder sister Esma Khan has revealed the kind of man she wants. This comes months after parting ways with her hubby Petittman.  The two had even been blessed with a daughter.

Petittman is now rumoured to be in a relationship with a Rwandese lady who apparently has his pregnancy.

Esma Platnumz and Petit
With her hubby in happier times

Currently, Esma says what she needs is a perfect man. Many might however not agree with her.

Katika maisha yangu nimezoae kuishi kwenye ndoa. Unapokua unatoka kwenye ndoa alafu wewe unarukaruka, mimi siko hivyo.

Asked about getting married again, she says:

Ndoa ni mipango

She went on to say that the people that have been hitting on her are rich people and even government officials.

Matajiri, wakubwa wa serikali.

She then spilt the beans to Tanzania’s Sam Misago.

I’m looking for a perfect man. Lakini ninaye mmoja.

The celebrity sister is also specific about the colour of the man she must have. And if you are light-skinned, you are automatically disqualified.

Mimi sipendangi wanaume weupe. Mimi napenda mwanaume mweusi. Nikiwa na mwanaume mweusi nikilala naye nasikia raha.

Esma Platnumz
Diamond’s sister

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