Lillian Muli

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli has left many in suspense after she shared a photo of a black rose and captioned it, ‘End.’

Lillian Muli
Lillian Muli shares a black rose

In most circumstances, a black rose is associated with death and mourning but it might also symbolize rebirth and rejuvenation.

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Lillian Muli

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Lillian Muli’s latest post saw her followers flood the comment section asking her what was wrong and she only answered one particular person, Mwanaisha Chidzuga.

Mwanaisha posed the question;

 Kwani kwi kyau😂😂😂 (What’s up?)

Lillian responded:

long story


The K24 anchor went ahead to encourage her to take heart and just like other storms, it shall come to pass.

@lilmuli Even this will pass have faith and stay strong

Other comments from her fans Include;

Angelaonim: Rose means love. End of love?

Normanjanet: ….choose peace lilian. And go blossoming! Girls are making good choices these days. Hakuna kuvumilia bullshit. I guess i know what u mean.

Lizzaidi: It shall be well @lilmuli even zari left diamond and she’s doing fine

Manunitedqueendiva: So you mean you dumped my brother? Anyway

Jaddinah: Means end of a relationship!!!

Amymjema: I had a feeling you won’t return to Citizen TV (if this post is about that). It’s time for you to go on to a new level.

Massawejapanni: Ndukamake..wee strong!!

Sellynblessin: Whatever it is may you emerge victorious.

Miski_wandetto: Good thing is the beginning of another adventure awaits you @lilmuli

Cate_ndegwa: Whenever you Mark as the #END make sure it really is, carry your hear, body and soul with you. If it’s really the end let it be left behind. This applies to anything.

Mwangim: Ilianza na bosslady Zari. Sasa ni wewe. Imekuwaje? @lilmuli

Miss_githui: It shall be well mama