Joyce Laboso

The death of Bomet governor Joyce Laboso to cancer three months ago shocked many but the worst hit was her husband Edwin Abonyo and her kids.

Being hospitalized saw the bill rise to 2 million and despite the government promising to pay the family is still receiving claims of unpaid bills.

Abonyo said while he tried to clear all the hospital bills with the help of the state and friends, it is not yet done.

He said with his son Brian, they were recently surprised to receive communication from the London hospital demanding Sh2 million arrears.

“Together with my son, we cleared with the hospital, so we were surprised to have the bill.

“I however told them that we actually lost the patient, and since then they went silent. So we don’t know whether they will pursue it or let it slide,” added.

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Raila Oding visiting the late Joyce Laboso in a past photo

Expressing his profuse gratitude to friends who helped, Abonyo said, however, that not all the platitudes at his wife’s funeral were truthful.

“Politicians are notorious liars. In fact, when we heard what they would say, we sometimes just retreated with Brian to laugh.

But [President] Uhuru is a good man,” he added.

“The state must be well appreciated. It afforded us much help. Joyce also had numerous friends who were loyal, genuine and true,” he added.

Among the friends he mentioned were Nairobi speaker Beatrice Elachi who, he said, visited them in London and spent nights with the governor at Nairobi Hospital.

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Edwin Abonyo and his son Brian

CAS Rachel Shebesh, governors Anne Waiguru and Charity Ngilu, he said, also proved genuine friends.

Asked whether his new appointment to the state parastatals oversight board was a move by the President to wipe his tears, he said;

“If it is so, I’m grateful. If not so, I’m even more grateful.”

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