5. Watching movies

I used to go to my local cinema with the few coins my mom would give me in the mornings to watch the local shows. I remember being told that old, 1980’s films were the latest films in the market.

This is something that I laugh about when I recall how I used to hustle hard to get to watch my favorite Kung Fu stars battle it out.

Well, life has changed much for me. I can now afford to watch the latest films at Crimson Media Cinemas without much hustle. Just yesterday, I had the most emotional moment of the month when I watched “Finding Dory”

It’s a tumultuous tale filled with breath gripping, thrilling moments that make you want to rise up and save Dory. She suffers from short term memory loss, meaning that if you had that condition, you’d have forgotten what I said in the first line by now.

I don’t want to give you spoilers so that you can enjoy the movie with your kids, cousins, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend.

Here’s the trailer: