3. “Patco” and “Koo”

Aaaah …everyone’s favorite childhood candies. The crunchy feel and the minty sensation and the vain belief that they could get rid of coughs, colds and flu would make any young lad get as many as they could. Especially whenever my mom or dad gave you 5 shillings as a treat.

Remember when you’d get them as presents from your teacher for performing well in Maths? Great memories! Those were the days.

4. Being Forced To Eat Extra

Man! My mom would make sure that I had Ugali, finished, and took the extra sour milk that she had reserved for me a surprise.

It felt like a burden at first, but it’s the most exciting memory I have. If it wasn’t for her, I would have grown to be a frail dude, who can’t even get a girl to talk to her.

The last one is actually still doable! >