Shocking images have emerged from what has made the word #Xenophobic South Africa trend on Twitter. There are many sides of the story as to why South Africans are looting foreigners’ shops and (not yet confirmed) burning children of people who came from outside the country. The attacks are based on the notion that people from outside South Africa are taking over businesses, jobs, housing and hence making the residents lose opportunities.

Thousands of Twitter users have expressed their sentiments on the whole shameful development. The audio I am talking about has been widely shared on social media and documents King Goodwill Zwelithini saying that Foreigners must go home. He says that other politicians find it hard to speak out on the matter because they’re targeting the foreigner’s votes.

Most of the victims of the recent Xenophobic attacks are Africans from nations across the continent. South African President Jacob Zuma has spoken against the behaviour, telling his citizens to respect each other and treat foreigners with respects;

“We need to discuss and agree to be orderly, not chaotic. We don’t want to show anger because anger does not build nations, it destroys nations,” Zuma said. “We therefore urge our people to treat those who are in our country legally with respect and Ubuntu,” he added.

Zuma was speaking at the unveiling of a monument for murdered South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani. A news website reports that President Zuma’s son has also come out telling nationals to leave the country. Here are some of the Twitter reactions:

Listen to the audio below: