Many of us have experienced first-date flashbacks with horror, thinking to ourselves: “I should never have said that!”. So in the interests of making your next first date a hit, here are some phrases to stay away from

1. “My ex . . .”date

When you hear these two words play in your head, stop before the sentence makes it out of your mouth. You don’t want your date to think you’re not over your ex and that they’ll have to deal with a broken heart still stuck in the past. There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging your past, but rather leave the anecdotes for a later stage . . . of life, not the date.

2. “How come you’re still single?”date

You might as well say “tell me what it is about you that puts people off so that I know whether to run now or later”. It’s a bit of a rude question and one can never really answer it in a way that would help the continuation of the conversation.

3. “I’m not leaving a tip”


Stingy has never been attractive. Unless the waiter set your table on fire, almost killed you and your date and still forgot to bring the food – then definitely leave a tip.