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Khaligraph Jones has grown a tough and thick skin. And he is cognizant of the fact that not every entertainer or personality has the same traits.

That is why in his new track Hao, he has appointed himself an advocate for those celebs who have been trolled and affected by the online vice.

He advises,

“Kukuwa celebrity kuwa ready for drama
Omba God akubless na self-esteem ya pastor Ng’ang’a
Na confidence ya Orie Rogo Manduli
Na will-power ya John Pombe Magufuli
And though wengi watasema ni kiburi
But that’s the only way utawezana na hawa mabully.”

In the song featuring Masauti, he details how celebrities sometimes end up apologising for a mistake they haven’t done due to public opinion and pressure.

Without missing a beat, Khaligraph highlighted some of the trolling that  have heartbroken celebs.

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Here is a list of celebs the rapper mentioned and how they were cyberbullied mercilessly.

1. Bahati

Khaligraph in his song he raps,

“…Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama
Sai Twitter mmegeuziwa ye ni mtoto wa Diana.”

2. Stivo Simple Boy

Kibra Artiste StivoStivo has trended many times on Twitter and most times not for a good reason.

Khaligraph mused in his track,

“Si nyi hu-troll Simple Boy ka kila siku
But Kipchoge akivaa the same mnamsifu
Inauma kupambana na hizi issues
But brathe usijali we zoea hizi vitu.”

3. Esther Arunga

Khaligraph did not fail to point out the fact that media personality Esther Arunga was a subject for trolls for a long time.

His lyrics read,

“Remember Esther Arunga na huzzy yake Hellon?
It’s so sad wamefungwa ju sai ni ma felon
Walitrend tukawacheka when they needed help (Why?)
Tukaangalia when they busy destroying themselves.”

PS/ Hellon isn’t Esther Arunga’s husband rather her cousin. His church Finger Of God is where she met Quincy Timberlake who later became her husband. Quincy is currently in an insane asylum in Australia.

4. Jimmy Gait

Jimmy Gait

KOT has made it a tradition to create meme whenever Jimmy Gait unleashes any music project. This normally overshadows his music and efforts to publicise it.

Khaligraph points out in his lyrics,

“Ni poa tuweke imani kwa Yesu
Woi Jimmy Gait si ye huona siku mrefu
Tumemtroll bila kujiuliza question
Like what if that nigga fell in depression?”

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5. Papa Dennis

The late Papa Dennis also made it to the list of artistes whose lives have been turned upside down by KOT’s snide remarks.

Khaligraph says,

“Papa Denis alidedi tukamchangishia
Tuka-type RIP tukimpandisia
Ati tuko sad na tunajua vile alikapitia
We tu ni ku-troll ni ka haujui kitu inaeza kufanyikia.”

6. Mulamwah

Comedian Mulamuah has been trending non stop this month. The latest being for threatening a fellow tweep and making numerous phone calls harrasing her.

She later deactivated her account.

However, prior to that Mulamuah was cyberbullied to a point where he announced that he had quit comedy.

Defending him, Khaligraph zaid,

“Mulamwah ameshachoka amedai zii
Ju ya matusi toka Twitter mpaka IG
Mi ni gangsta mkinitroll haiwasaidii (Kwenda!)
Buda OG huwa zogo shinda 5G (Staki!)”

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7. Willy Paul

Defending Willy Paul’s move from gospel to secular, Khaligrap rapped in his song Hao,

“Mmefanya mpaka Pozee amewacha injili (Hahhaha)
Ameacha kuimba mangoma za Holy Spirit
Ju mnapenda ongeza chumvi pia na pilipili.”

8. Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu

Khaligraph also pointed out the ungrateful nature of audiences who keep trolling TV host Willis Raburu.

“10 over 10 hamtaki sai mnatusi Willis
As if mmekuwa forced kutazama
Nyi ni fans in denial so of-course mnajifanya.”

You may watch the video below.

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