It’s been a year of many challenges as the African entertainment industry faced a huge blow. A number of famous people breathed their last this year as the entire country and continent mourned thei demise. The entertainment industry lost great people among them Bishop Ben Bahati, Omfwoko Aswani, Jastorina, Kaberere, Derrick Amunga all Kenyans and the great journalist Komla Dumor and Castro from Ghana.

Here is the list

1.Aswani Omfwoko – Actor and Director
One of Kenya’s prolific actor and director Omfwoko Aswani directed popular TV programmes: Machachari, Tahidi High, Mashtaka, Nairobi Law and Makutano Junction, shows aired on Citizen TV and Antie Boss, a show on NTV. He also starred in Strata, a movie in which he played the role of Shebe.

2. Jastorina – Actres
Nancy Nyambura AKA Jastorina starred in Citizen TV’s show by the same name (Jastorina) and Mashtaka. Her character was particularly interesting because of the heavy vernacular accent.She succumbed to meningitis complications.


3.Derick Amunga – Actor
Celebrated Kenyan actor Derick Amunga, was found dead after missing for 3 days. He became popular in the 90s when he acted as a street urchin in the Kenyan local soap ‘Tausi’. He played the role of Master Sugu.


4.Kaberere – Musician
Gospel musician Peter Kaberere died after being electrocuted in a freak accident at his Nairobi car wash.


5.Bishop Ben Bahati – Pastor
remembered for nurturing great Kenyan gospel musicians like Rufftone and his brother Daddy Owen, Ben died after he was involved in a grisly road accident, in August, that injured his spinal cord leaving him paralysed from the abdomen down.

6. Komla Dumor – Journalist
Died on 18 January 2014 in his London home after a cardiac arrest, having been on air the day before.

Komla Dumor_0

7. Castro – Musician
His body is still yet to be found, he disappeared on River Ada while jet skiing with a female friend on July 6, 2014.