Lisa Gaitho surprised many women(and some men) when she spoke about the way she treats her wonderful man.

Lisa, you see loves bathing her man, or is it washing? Either way, the beautiful fashion blogger was castigated by feminists for doing such a great thing.

In a day and age when many marriages are struggling under the strain of sponsors and slay queens, one would expect that such succinct advice would get standing ovations.

Lisa Gaitho
Lisa Gaitho with her man

But no, Lisa was torn to shreds for this marriage-saving advise. But it seems that there are women who still know how to treat their men right as Lisa does.

A woman online wrote a message to one of the message boards on Facebook and spoke about her she keeps her man at home. I.e, he does not stary from their marital home.

The lady detailed the things she does every day for her man and I must say that even I am impressed. The very committed lady not only services her man four times a day and I mean having lungula with him!

She also makes sure that she gives him a massage, makes him a breakfast fit for a king, she also texts her man as he is his job inquiring about his day.

That is not all, this indomitable woman also makes sure her man comes home to some hot coffee and lungula. Then she makes sure they bathe together, then …. then…….then……

Gadem! Just read it yourself. The screenshot is below:


My belief is that were women to follow her advice, then they would have great marriages! Great!

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